What is hair implant

Hair is an important part of our physical appearance, when we start losing it, there is an obvious worry. For some people, losing their hair is not embarrassing, but also reduces their self-esteem and confidence. This is why, people find a way to cover it up they start losing their hair. While hair transplant is the most permanent solution available, but this solution often scares a lot of people probably because they feel surgery will be too complicated, or too expensive and still looking forward to any alternating solution that does nor requires any surgery or hospitalization. The solution is here, with hair implant (artificial hair restoration) your hair loss or hair thinning is cover without any hospitalization.Since it important to ensure the safety of hair plant fibers. Also, you need to Contemplate its good aesthetic quality and durability so as to maintain the expect result for a long time. The main features to look into are low tissue trauma, resistance to physical&chemical stress, resistance to traction, absence of capillarity and biocompatibility, in additional to good aesthetic.It has about 13 different colors, with different length range between 15-45 cm and various hair styles (afro, wavy, curly and straight).

Hair prosthetic fibers should have every biocompatibility and safety requirements recommended by the international standards for medical device. Hair implantation is a minor surgery technique performed by either a manual planter or an automatic machine with local anesthesia that shows an immediate aesthetic result and desirable hair quality without any pain or hospitalization.Hair implant are safe, well tolerated by patient and can be reversible if necessary. The method requires post treatment, constant check ups, and implant re-touches to maintain a good result.Periodic medical check-ups and scalp hygiene need to be maintained in other to keep the expected aesthetic results at bay. The follow-up is very important to check the patient’s scalp and prevent any negative outcome such as inflammation or infection.

Hair implant after-care procedure consist of

  • Use of suitable product or treatment
  • Avoidance of dangerous hair treatment or product like hair curlers, thermal shocks, permanent waving and hair bleachers.
  • Proper scalp hygiene
  • Regular check-ups

The various behaviors that can cause hair implant problems are

  • Lack of patient hygiene
  • Excess quality and density of implanted fibers in one area
  • Lack of asepsis during implant procedure
  • Incorrect choice of implant area
  • Personal fiber intolerance
  • Failure during post implant

Our hair implant solutions

The good news is, most of these problems can be resolved through appropriate therapies and change of habits. If the problems precedes the use of corticosteroid therapy and appropriate antibiotics, the process can be reversed by removing the fiber implanted. This process involve the pull out of the entire fiber with appropriate traction.

Many hair lost problems can be solved with change of habits or appropriate therapies. If the problem is can’t be resolved with antibiotics and or therapy, fiber removal have to be apply. This ability of the scalp to heal after several days when the removal process is done, contribute to the overall safety of the technique.

How it works

Artificial or synthetic hair implantation is carried out by qualified and professional physicians by making use of a hair implant devices. The materials that are used for the production synthetic hair comprise of biocompatible and artificial fiber. These synthetic hair are stronger and more durable than our natural hair, each strand of synthetic hair usually has a knot at its end. The physician use the special implanter to insert each strand of hair carefully under the anesthetized scalp and pinned deeply into the scalp fascia. This process is repeatedcontinuously untill a desire hair density is achieved.It is an outpatient method that only involves a light surgery. And patient can resume his/her day activities immediately after treatments.

Why you should choose hair implant over hair transplant

  • It is simple, fast and painless method
  • Visible results in a couple of hours. Patients will experience immediate effect, improved appearance and do not need to wait for hair to grow like in case of hair transplant.
  • High hair quality and density in a matter of hours.
  • Since it a light surgery, patient can resume to their daily activities immediately after implant.
  • A good option for patients that does not have enough donor area to undergo a surgery for hair transplant.

People who are eligible for artificial/synthetic hair implant procedure

  • People with complicated health issues like allergic to synthetic material and diseases related to immune system, and more are at risk in a hair implant treatment.
  • People with natural hair loss and hair thinning or loss their hair through certain injury or burns.
  • Hair implant is recommend for people who want immediate result and painless or people with limited hair donor.

What our clients saying

  • Very professional and caring doctor. He answer all my questions patiently. I get my confidence back after the implant. Strongly recommended!
    David Tan
  • I tried everything, no success and my neighbour recommend hairimplantsingapore.com to me. The result is amazing!
    Steve Kong

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